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The Perfect Run is a puzzle game where failing has no downside.  Whenever you hit an obstacle you leave a burn in time which you can jump back to whenever you want rather than take damage or lose the level, keeping all positive progress you made and undoing any negatives.  If you reach the goal of a level while still having burns remaining, AKA your starting line isn't your ending line, you then get to go back through and connect your lines, healing the burns, and perfecting the run.  Every level in the end will have a single, perfect, unbroken line from start to finish.  See how much you can improve your times through intentional burns and warping, and see how much you can improve the final length of your line by shortening it.  Enjoy a low stakes, no pressure journey through 40 levels of particle filled wonderland.

This is my first game I've made, I'm currently in college taking courses for game design, and feel that after 5 different majors I've landed on the right one.  Any money I make from this will go entirely to paying for my classes and debt already accrued.

If you want to keep up with any future things I do I made a discord that I have zero plans for, but figured I might as well have. https://discord.gg/tExGy2g

If you're interested in the professional side of me, visit my website at cyrogemgames.com


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Good visuals and quality gameplay 

DLC pls reeeeeee